Nutrition Programming: A How To Guide

Nutrition Programming

Nutrition programming follows along with the Habit Change programming, which is elaborated further HERE and HERE. 

However, here is an overview of the specific nutritional habits you should look to obtain with a nutritional program and how you can go about successfully obtaining them.

1. Eating proper servings of your three main macronutrients every day.

Macros we care about at Flex Fitness are Lean Proteins, Healthy FatsColorful Vegetables, and Smart Carbs.

Proper servings are based on gender and body type:

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.11.42 AM  *depicts servings per day

Serving sizes are determined using the “Hand Method.” This is using your open palm, fist, cupped hand, and thumb to measure serving sizes. This way you do not need to carry around a scale wherever you go.

  • 1 Serving Protein = open palm
  • 1 Serving Veggie = balled fist
  • 1 Serving Fat = thumb
  • 1 Serving Smart Carb = cupped handful

When attempting to get your total macros per day, it is best to ramp-up into it.  This means to start by requiring yourself to get smaller than desired daily totals. Then increase daily serving requirements systematically (approximately every 2 weeks) until you get to the daily requirements desired. 

Also, start with one macro, then add the 2nd, then the 3rd, and finally the 4th.  Don’t start with all four at the same time.  Make sure you learn best practices on getting one particular macro into your diet before you add the next macro. 

Additionally, it is good to include requirements to help you to build a macro balanced plate, which will not only help you get you daily macro amounts but teach you to craft a well-balanced single meal.

2. Eat Only Whole Foods

Eating quality, whole, unprocessed foods is a very big factor in ensuring that the macros you eat will truly help you to become healthy.  Chemically enhanced, refined, processed, hyper-palatable foods are downfall of most bad eating habits.  They lack nutrients, they cause us to eat more by messing with our satiety cues,  they are full of salts and refined sugars which are responsible for numerous health issues, and more.

Therefore, your nutrition plan will need to help you learn to look for and incorporate whole foods into your daily eating.  This includes removing all refined and artificial sugars.

3. Proper Hydration

Drink 2L (64oz) of water per day.  Simple enough. Your program should measure your water intake.

4. Calorie Free Beverages

Drinking a majority of calorie free beverages will help you maintain caloric intake and reduce you intake of artificial sugars.  Reducing alcohol, sports drinks, sodas, and double caramel macchiatos will reduced you caloric intake by an astronomical amount.

Stick to water, black coffee,  seltzer water with natural fruit flavorings, and unsweetened tea.

5. Awareness & Control

Becoming aware of what you currently eat and when you eat it is vital to helping you to see where you can improve and where you are already successful.  Also, you won’t always be able to make the 100% most healthy food decision, but learning how to make a healthier food decision help to not only keep you healthier but learn how to apply choice in your food decisions.   This awareness is gained by tracking and monitoring what you eat via a food journal.

6. Healthy Food Relationship

Eating is not just a physical thing.  We all have a strong emotional and mental relationships with food, both good and bad.  We eat for culture, nostalgia, comfort, security, grief, happiness, etc. We need to understand what those relationships are for us and how to celebrate food but not use it as a crutch.  

It takes time to obtain these habits and skills, but once you do you will be able to apply them in any situation, at any time, for the rest of your life.  So do not rush.  Start with a small piece of the big picture and add to it one by one about every 2 weeks or so. 


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