Now Open and Ready for Your 2018 New Years Resolution: Flex Fitness OT’s Physical Wellness System

Are you or someone you know…

  • A digital nomad
  • A globetrotter
  • A constant traveler

Not a traveler? Not a problem, if you are on the go so much that you can’t predict one day from the next this system is for you as well!

Are you or someone you know…

  • ​new to health and/or fitness​
  • struggling to stay consistent with a fitness or nutrition plan due to changing schedules, changing locations, or lack of knowledge
  • not naturally athletic and think fitness is beyond your grasp
  • plateaued or bored from the typical/same old online workouts
  • know how to exercise but not how to plan programs that can get you results
  • not sure how to eat healthy or scared to try to eat healthy because you don’t want to give up everything you like to eat and drink
  • constantly moving from place to place and need help eating healthy and staying in shape with a constantly changing and unpredictable environment
  • having trouble making time to exercise or eat healthy
  • anxious, nervous, scared, excited, motivated, and/or eager to get started improving your health and fitness

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are ready for the Flex Fitness Nomadic Physical Wellness System!!  

How do I know it this System will work for you?

Because it was developed for you, by someone like you…


This system will teach you to:

  1. eat better without fat diets or crazy deprivation;
  2. stay active no matter what kind of shape you are in,
  3. incorporate health and fitness into your unpredictable life; and
  4. create a sustainable healthy mindset.

And as a result, you will:

  1. lose body fat
  2. build strength & mobility
  3. gain mental confidence
  4. reduce chronic pain and sickness
  5. remove health and fitness confusion
  6. enjoy your exciting life to the fullest

Don’t just take my word for it…see what some clients have to say:

mere-and-leeMeredith D (seated): “Josh kept me on track when my travel and schedule was chaotic. He adapted my routine to any situation, and phased in new challenges with excellent timing. “

J. Lee (standing): “I loved the workouts and the tools provided which supported my success. It took a little effort to get used to preparing for workouts, but once you’re in a routine and are prepared the workout are guided and easy to follow (and modify). I also loved the support Josh provided. Whenever I felt stuck, he was always there!”


Renee F.: “Josh helped change my life. Under his patient and skilled guidance, I was transformed into a strong, disciplined person, and I can’t thank him enough.” 

What is the Nomadic Physical Wellness System (NPWS)?

It is a practice based curriculum that provides you with 24 sustainable skills from the three pillars of physical wellness (nutrition, fitness, mindset) to ensure you are not only physically fit and healthy, but also mentally able to maintain and improve your health and fitness, on your own, for the rest of your life.

What is a “Practice Based Curriculum?”

It is a structured system that teaches and engrains a skill or skills through practice and activities.

How does the NPWS work?

24 skills, learned over 48 weeks, broken down into 4 individual 12-week blocks and aligned in a logical and organized way (You may purchase 1 or 2 blocks at a time or all 4 at once).

You will track a new skill every 2 weeks and these skills will build on top of each other to transform your overall health and fitness habits and behavior. Each skill will be either a fitness, nutrition, or mindset skill

You will learn about health, fitness, habit change, and more each week via a written article specially crafted for the skill you are on.

You will receive accountability and motivational text and email reminders almost daily to keep you on track

You will track your progress to ensure success at the end of your journey. Consistency is so important that Flex Fitness OT even gives you 20% of your money back if you remain 80% compliant with the program each 4-weeks! Relevant Article: Be Consistent at Being Consistent

You will perform a journal exercise every 2 weeks to gain some introspection on what your physical wellness goals are, how you achieve them, and how you can sustainably remain healthy and fit after you have completed the system.

You will also receive other tools, exercises, and strategies each week to help ensure your success

Want the Step-by-Step Guide on how the NPWS Works?  Click Here, scroll to the blue section, and fill out the short form and I will send it to you, absolutely free!!

So What is in the Curriculum?

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 11.11.17 AM


Here is the catch.  In order to maintain a standard of high quality coaching, Coach Josh can only take on a limited number of new clients at a time so it is wise to sign up sooner rather than later ensure a spot is still open for you.  Even if you don’t plant to start the program until after New Years! (an email will be sent post sign-up to inquire about a start date)

How do I Sign-Up?

Click Here!

Give the Gift of Fitness!! If you are getting the NPWS as a gift, no problem.  The option for gift is provided to you on the purchase page.

All Packages Include:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 4.32.29 PM

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