Variety Experiment

Eating healthy does not have to be bland, boring, and repetitive.  There are countless flavors, colors, and textures that are not only healthy but taste AMAZING!  So what is holding you back?

Typically it is courage, creativity, and knowledge.  So here is an easy but effective challenge for you to try that will broaden your healthy food repertoire and knowledge overtime.

…added benefit…

Your body needs a wide array of amino acids, micronutrients, probiotics, gut bacteria, etc.  We take frequent blood tests and specifically determine, calculate, and weigh what and exactly how much food you should eat each day … aint nobody got time for dat!  

Instead, we can focus on macro balance and improve the variety of foods we eat and as a result be pretty darn close to giving our body nearly all the things it needs to thrive.


Each week perform at least one of the below 3 options:

  1. New Food: go to your grocery store, farmers market, local butcher, whatever and pick out one food that you have either never had before or had very little of in your life.  This needs to be a fresh, whole food (nothing in a package).  If you are in the produce, meet, or nut section you are probably OK.  Buy that food and then go home, google the food and figure out a way to cook it up for a meal.  Eat and see what you think. I recently tried this with roasted fennel and it now one of my favorite things (hint if you like black licorice flavor, you will LOVE roasted fennel).
  2. New Cooking Method: you have been to the grocery store and there isn’t anything you haven’t had.  Fine. Pick up something you have had before and go home and google new ways to prepare it.  Ever bake full, uncut okra at 425 degrees? It shrivels and chars to a bite sized flavor packed side dish that could accompany any grilled meat.
  3. New Spice(s): Ok you have eaten all the things and cooked them in all the ways.  Now try new spice combinations. You can google them or make them up. There are countless combinations to choose from – some more common and some a bit crazy.  Personally, I have recently discovered dill and celery seed added to my whole grain rice is a wonderful, refreshing flavor that goes great with fish.

The key is not to try to do it all at once.  You need to have routine to stay consistent. However, experimenting once per week to see if you find things you want to add to your routine will not overwhelm you and could have great benefits.  

Not every experiment will work out, but that helps you learn as well.  Overtime your knowledge of cooking methods and flavors will make your cuisine not only super healthy but super scrumptious.

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