How to Look Good for a Photo in 8 Days and Why it is a Bunch of CRAP!

Ever seen one of those 30 day diets or 7 day juice cleanses? 

Loose up to 30lbs in 2-weeks!!

Pretty enticing right? 

Ever seen those super shredded dudes or those bombshell fit babes on Instagram claiming they only did this simple 8-week diet, one movement for 7min a day, or some magic supplement to look like they do?

Ever tried those things and not quite gotten to that same drool worthy body?

If so, don’t feel ashamed…I know I have.  

For me, I would try these diets or cleanses and lose significant weight in a matter of a couple of weeks and then one of two things would happen.  I would change nothing and stay perfect to the plan, but stop losing weight OR I would stop the plan altogether because it was ridiculously restricting and gain all that weight back faster than it took me to lose it.  


Why is that?  

Well those Insta-gurus and miracle diets are not being 100% honest with you…

Weighty Water

Most 7 or 14 day crash diets help you only lose the water weight that is (1) easiest to lose quickly and (2) either comes back or rebalances out and that quick weight loss stops dramatically in about a week or so. Essentially it is fake weight loss.

Using water manipulation alone, UFC fighters can swing their weight down 8 to 15lbs for a weight-in, and then pack it back on before a fight.  Ronda Rousey, has been known to drop 17lbs before a fight…almost entirely water weight.

Check out John Miller, UFC fighter when fought Benson Henderson.  

UFC on Versus 5: Miller vs. Henderson

Now look at him 24 hours earlier.

UFC on Versus 5: Weigh-In

That was all water.

Sly Stats

Another thing that crash diets do is that they talk about big weight loss numbers without really telling you where a client started.  This cuts out perspective.  If a 300lb person drops 10% of their weight, that is a 30lb loss.  If a 150lb person drops 10% of their weight, that is a 15lb loss.  Both are statistically the same loss amount, but one number looks much sexier on Instagram or Facebook.  

Filter Fantasy

All those Instagram “fitness models” who are super lean and walk around showing off their abs or their bicep veins are not wholly accurate.  

Are they fit?  Sure.  However, that super shredded look is not their normal day-to-day. These bodybuilders only look like that the day of a competition and quickly revert back to a more normal body fat level as they begin to eat again (now with a super slow metabolism) and their water level rebalances.  Staying at such a high level of shred is not healthy or sustainable.

Moreover, many of these “models” are enhancing their pictures with lighting, angles, posture, and photoshop.  

A good buddy of mine and great coach – posted these two pictures on Instagram recently.  


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.47.35 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 4.47.10 PM.png
I highly encourage you to check out Jordan and his company over at Ripsnorter Athletics.  I can personally attests that he is a great coach and guy.

Notice the drastic difference – especially in the stomach, legs, and arms.  Would you be surprised if I told you these two photos were taken on the same day?  

Well be surprised…these were taken 6-hours apart.

What did he do?  Got a haircut, did a lift to achieve a pump, sucked in his stomach, flexed, increased the forward lighting, and smiled.  

If that much of a difference can occur with just those simple steps, imagine what he can do with photoshop?  Darker complexion, enhance ab lines, thin out midsection, expand biceps and quads.  Wow…

Supplement Side-Hustle

There are more vitamins, pills, powders, gels, oils, juices, and bars than ever before. None of them are cheap and most are or will be useless to you. 

Vitamins are only useful if you have a deficiency in a certain vitamin.  If not, then you are just going to pee out the extra anyway.  So they are useless.  I am not saying vitamins are always useless but if you buy them with out knowing what your body needs, then you will likely get one you don’t.

Many people have deficiencies and can get blood work done to see which vitamins they need.  However, before getting blood work done, clean up your diet.  Many deficiencies are neutralized with a healthy balanced diet.   clean up your diet first, then get your blood work done to see where you are short and get a vitamin for that.

Protein supplements (powders, bars, cookies, etc) are either great or they are terrible.  They are great to help you hit your body’s protein needs, especially if you are keeping to a consistent fitness program or you are a vegan or vegetarian and need to ensure you get enough quality protein in each day.   However, no two supplements are made the same.  Check the labels.  Many have tons of added sugars, saturated fats, and salts to enhance taste but negate the nutritional value.   Also, read reviews to make sure the results the supplement promises has been scientifically proven. 

BCAA, pre-workout, casein protein, and other sport/performance focused supplements are likely unnecessary to the average person and are really made for those focusing on athletic performance in their sport.  They are not necessarily bad but if you are looking to get generally fit but not compete at a relatively high level in a sport, I would take caution before buying these…they may just thin your wallet and not benefit you.


To be healthy and fit you need to:

  1. Eat clean food in a balanced way (aka balanced daily macro servings
  2. Do not over eat
  3. Exercise 30-45 min, 5 times per week with ½ being high intensity/or sweat inducing
  4. Sleep 6 to 7 hours a night.
  5. Drink 64oz of water per day.  
  6. Avoid most artificial or non-artificial sweeteners.
  7. Keep your caloric beverages in check (aka soda & alcohol) – but you don’t have to remove all together
  8. Practice stress management

And you need to do this about 80% of the time…all the time!

There is no magic pill or short cut diet or special movement.  Just consistent effort for the long haul. 

But don’t worry, it is not as hard as you might think.  I have created a 1-year program that breaks everything down in to really simple, easy to follow 2-week chunks.  Nutrition, workouts, stress relief, hydration, and more all structured and layed out for you to easy follow and actually hit your fitness goals!  It is the Physical Wellness System!

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SIDE NOTE: those articles and videos about getting shredded with just one movement a few minutes a day…

just no…

if you want more elaboration please email me at

Want a structured and proven System to get you to the body and life you always wanted?  

Check out my Physical Wellness System


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